Keep squashin on …


Coolee is a range of fruit squashes and milk mixers that add a delicious taste to your drink. Pick your favourite Coolee flavour, mix with water or milk and feel refreshed.

Why choose Coolee?

Full of flavour!

Make drinking water a joy with Coolee juice squashes. Coolee juice squashes and milk mixers are bursting with fruit and are free from any artificial flavourings, making them great for both adults and kids! Staying refreshed with Coolee’s range of fruit squashes and milk mixers is easy. Simply mix your favourite Coolee flavour with water or milk and enjoy a refreshing drink wherever you are.


Coolee Lemon

Coolee Ice Tea

Coolee Orange – Also in 1.5 liters

Coolee Orzata Ade – Also in 1.5 liters

No Added Sugar

Coolee Orange – No Added Sugar

Coolee Orzata – No Added Sugar

Coolee Lemon – No Added Sugar

My Coolee Berrys

My Coolee Berrys – Cranberry Squash

My Coolee Berrys – Blackcurrant & Cranberry Squash

Milk Mixers

Coolee Milk Mixers – Strawberry

Coolee Milk Mixers – Chocolate

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